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Zoltan's on the road again!
- April, 1999

Well friends, it's time again for Zoltan the Adequate to head out on my '99 tour. This year I'll be starting off in the lovely state of Georgia, at the aptly named Georgia Renaissance Festival. For those of you who follow my exploits intimately (and you know who you are), you know that last year I started off with a weekend at the Bay Renaissance Festival of Largo, in Florida. However my experience was less than spectacular and so all in all, I decided not to return to Largo for '99.

A beautiful panaramic view of the GA faire

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of attending the GA faire, the grounds are gorgeous to say the least. The pic above is just one section of the site, and doing the faire right really does take a full weekend. Though I was on the Garden Cottage Stage last year, this year I'll be moving to the stage by the Jousting area (the Fool's Knoll stage, I think - they're rebuilding it just for lil' ol' me).

I'm still in the midst of getting all my stuff together for travelling. This year I'm adding a some new material to my show (as I try to every year) - I'll be doing fire eating, and rat manipulation. Yes, rat manipulation. Yes, real live rats.

Even though getting all my gear together for a road trip is a hassle, it's always worth it. It's great to be back in GA at the start of the season (for me, anyway), and see all my cohorts (Hack and Slash, Broon, the Zucchini Brothers, Ded Bob, and so forth). I'll try to post an update or two while I'm in GA, but my internet connection may be sketchy at best. There'll certainly be something up when I get back (in mid-June).

So if you're in GA, come out to the faire and tell me you read these notes, so I know I'm doing it for someone other than my Mom (Hi Mom!). And if you're at the GA faire on Saturday, May 8th, find me and wish me Happy Birthday...maybe even buy me a beer...

     signed, Zoltan the Adequate

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