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"A picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, many of them are words like pee-pee, ka-ka, and Schenectady." - Andy Blau, just for this page

Here are some photos that were taken during my various travels - feel free to use them for whatever promotional material you'd like. Blacking out my front teeth or drawing humorous cartoon 'word bubbles' above my head with things like "I'm a dork" will not be tolerated. Comments and requests for nudes can be sent to: zoltan@justadequate.com.

Special bonus!  After crawling through the archives, I've managed to located an old photograph of the proto-Zoltan. That is, a pic of me from my very first season performing, when the whole Zoltan concept was just a gleam in my eye...

Photos from 1997:

Pic 97_01 Pic 97_02 Pic 97_03 Pic 97_04

Photos from 1998:

Pic 98_01 Pic 98_02 Pic 98_03 Pic 98_04
Pic 98_05 Pic 98_06 Pic 98_07

Photos from 1999:

Pic 99_01 Pic 99_02 Pic 99_03 Pic 99_04 Pic 99_05
Pic 99_06 Pic 99_07 Pic 99_08 Pic 99_09

Photos from 2000:

Pic 00_01 Pic 00_02 Pic 00_03 Pic 99_00

Hey - are any of these people you? Did you take any of these pictures? Tell me and you'll receive credit. And while I'm in the neighborhood, do you have any Zoltan pics to share? I'm especially low on pictures from my run in Michigan and Lousiana for the 2000 season. If you got 'em, send 'em to me, and chances are I'll post 'em. And don't forget about the Zoltan Tshirt Photo Contest, which started this last summer...

"Are these not the finest photographs upon which you have ever laid eyes?
No, just adequate!"

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