Andy Blau, your magician in Toronto Stage and close-up / walk-around magic for corporate events, weddings, trade shows... My job is to make you look good.
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This isn't the same old magic - this is something your friends, family, and business clients and associates will remember

"After the show, my face hurt from laughing so much. Not just because of the tricks, but because of how he was when he was doing them."
This ain't the same old card tricks...
Andy Blau is a classically skilled magician with a New York street-hustler style and slick twist of con-man attitude. For the last 20 years he's performed all over North America, and at just about every venue including Night-clubs, outdoor events, and theme parks, and a vast array of private shows including trade shows, corporate events, weddings, and dinner parties. The show ranges from family-friendly to adult nightclub, and is scalable and adaptable to almost any venue. Did I mention that his mother thinks he's pretty good?

The performance is classic Nightclub Magic - manipulation of cards and coins, working with fire and blades - not the same old dove-puller you saw at the company picnic - Andy's got a charming zing and a raw, sharp attitude that keeps his audience laughing on the edge of their seats. Further, the show is virtually unscripted - the effects and comedy changes on the mood of the performer and the reaction of the audience - it's entertainment without a net. Or - to be completely honest - without a real sense of personal hygiene, either. Further, Andy believes in audience-participation (mostly because it means less work for him), which means you not only get to laugh at the show, but at your friends and peers, as well.

Most importantly, it's your show, which means you call the shots - everything can be discussed: the type of show, the tricks involved, even the victims that are used on stage. Andy Blau is also a master of close-up and small group magic, which is perfect for a smaller gathering of friends, or for wandering from table to table in a dinner setting for a large group. And if you're looking for something even louder, wilder and weirder, and almost unbelievably more bizarre, take a look at Andy's other magician persona, Zoltan the Adequate.

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